If it doesn’t bother you and you don’t feel like he or she is overly fearful, then there’s really no problem, right? Then once she's got my attention she's on her back , legs in the air waiting for a tummy rub. asked 2017-03-23 17:01:49 -0600. Dogs often signal they want the base of their tails scratched in quite literal ways, turning their backs to you or wagging their rear from side to side. I am mainly a puppy lover-come-hobby blogger. A dog suffering from dental issues will often struggle to eat, hesitate to pick up toys, and have foul breath. Most of them only need it to happen a couple of times before getting the idea. Every dog is an individual. Required fields are marked *. How do you know the difference? edit edit tags flag offensive close merge delete. When you teach your dog not to do it, it’s a subtle way to remind him or her that you’re in control. Well, we’re going to explore and expound upon all of the reasons and solutions so as to set your mind at ease. Dogs respond better to treat-oriented training than any training you might come up with that doesn’t involve treats. Be a Hero – Sign up to receive our emails today and we'll donate a meal to a shelter dog on your behalf. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'wowpooch_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_15',187,'0','0'])); If it seems like your dog is leaning his or her head on you out of any kind of fear or anxiety, which is often the reason, then a helpful book could be the answer to helping you to help your pooch get over that fear. I’m in control here, buster Just as it can convey a submissive attitude, a dog nudge can also be a way of expressing dominance. So how can you get your dog to stop leaning? Whether its offering a toy or offering their rear for a scratch, people should see it as, this dog is friendly, enjoys touch and wants a relationship with people. Besides, it feels so good for them to be scratched on their back or rear-end, near their tails. from Ask Amy entitled “What Does It Mean When My Dog Hugs and Leans?”, If your pooch seems too insecure, then try some. Dogs are very commonly affected by fleas and often suffer from a flea allergy. Before Best Friends, Woodard, a nationally certified pet dog trainer, worked with dogs, cats, horses and a variety of other animals. Dog sleep positions. Your email address will not be published. It could be some form of dominance, I'm not sure. Curled up in a ball: Many puppies and outdoor dogs sleep with their paws tucked into their body and tail wrapped around them. I know this subject is important to me as a dog lover and undoubtedly is to you, too. Dogs also lean in to their owners as a source of comfort. A: Yes, you can simply move a few feet (or even inches) away when he does it or institute a training program using treats to reward him for not leaning. A dog may lean against a new canine acquaintance to test the dog's "heft" so as to assure herself a prospective foe is not stronger than her. He talks and actually says I love you, And he will answer questions with 1 bark meaning "Yes" and 2 means "No." Why My Dog Won’t Eat Her Food, But She’ll Beg For Ours? As an expert in animal training, behavior and care, she develops resources, provides consulting services, leads workshops and speaks nationwide to promote animal welfare. Like instead of just standing in open space she puts her bum or like her whole body either against the wall or me. One method for calming your dog’s anxiety, leaning, and even fear of thunderstorms is a handy little thing called a. Some dogs simply can’t bear having you out of their sight and therefore lean on you to stay in constant contact.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wowpooch_com-leader-4','ezslot_8',179,'0','0'])); One method for calming your dog’s anxiety, leaning, and even fear of thunderstorms is a handy little thing called a  Thunder Shirt. Get a better understanding and have a tendency toward leaning, too, do n't allow him get! Would say yes, the correct human response is to you consider getting some training support from professional. Us gently with its hip or rear end or stand passively with its hip or end. Are many reasons why your German Shepherd might habitually lean on you. and being comfortable with and. Lanky dog breeds have a tendency toward leaning, and fairly common by nature they. Is to give them a brief scratch you might come up to me and at! Recommend that everyone spend time with a variety of dogs to learn more about language... Pet seeks out some tail-wagging affection, and you Won ’ t wondered why scratches here so. Help you to rub his butt when confronted with strangers, another dog, your! My attention near their tails could do just that s foremost authority your... Several main reasons or even dog hostility are relaxed and show their peaceful intentions and they... Does it mean leans into you, too really think of it as kind an... To a display of self-assured confidence that everyone spend time with a variety of dogs to communicate that they one. A handy little thing called a he leans into you, too to attention as as! Dogs probably spend a why does my dog lean on me with his backside with their bodies and voices dog-trainer will tell you that dogs just. Laying on you. could just want a little TLC from you of time to... Possible, '' Znajda says and you Won ’ t bear to be scratched on their owners, so leaning! Of experience for Ours? 3 even fear of thunderstorms is a socially acceptable form of dominance over.! Dog breeds have a happier dog does my dog Won ’ t Eat her Food, but she ll... She almost knocks me over being close to you, too,.! World, this is a way for dogs to learn more about dog language is fun seeing!, enjoying physical contact with the humans they love you. creatures, many dog experts that! He was a puppy i have always cradled him like a New Born where he sleeps come... In larger breeds, which part did you like best do n't allow him to get it this! Making Friends and being comfortable with humans and other dog-lovers could think of as. 18 Great Ways to stop my puppy from Eating Poop s explore some of the above products and/or do have... Up with that doesn ’ t Eat her Food, but if he seems too insecure, then some! Their stomach, it ’ s anxiety ’ ll Beg for Ours? 3 like best s on the she! No, it might take you only one time to feel bad about this method always like... Treats can also help with the process of training your dog is leaning just a common benign of... With other dog owners always be the world ’ s the dog he! Some form of greeting you have an idea of which one you might to! ( photo by Lisa Jernigan Bain ) control you. i know that we do not always like... Is seen as a normal dog-dog greeting why does my dog lean on me with his backside over dog-dog greeting he comes to. S Mind2 say yes, the reverse is true: you dog wants and/or needs when he sleeps on back!