This web site was started by a small grassroots organization, Weymouth Citizens Opposed to the Proposition 2 ½ Override. Visit our history page.

From its inception, the site generated a tremendous following. The site provided an open forum for citizens who opposed the override as well as for citizens who favored the override. The forum enabled the citizens of Weymouth to express unobstructed opinions on the override attempt.

The decision of elected officials in Weymouth to have the special election in August and not mail an informational packet about the override to the voters of Weymouth sent a clear message to the citizens of Weymouth that officials in Weymouth like to have an uninformed voter audience.

This web site along with its many volunteers, who hand distributed our flyer to the homes in Weymouth, presented information about the override to the citizens of Weymouth.

The proposed Proposition 2 ½ override attempt failed by a large margin (17%). This should have send a strong message to the elected officials in Weymouth that the citizens of Weymouth did not want an override to fund several questionable projects.

This web site will continue to provide a setting where people can visit and find detailed information about events in the Town of Weymouth.

Another people's forum on this web site is in the works. This new forum will enable people to express their views on various topics of concern in the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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